How Protected is your Policyholder’s Fleet?

SmartWitness Provides Crucial Video Evidence & Detailed Drive Logs for all Claims Settlements

Operating a fleet of vehicles brings many challenges. From Health and Safety through to Duty of Care, risk management plays a key role in safeguarding any business. Add to that the other drivers, cyclist and pedestrians on the road and the job for our policyholders gets a lot more complex.

So when it comes to giving the best advice on risk management do you and your policyholders have all the tools to hand?

At SmartWitness we’ve been providing in-vehicle cameras to fleet operators and private individuals since 2007. The company were the pioneers in creating the first commercial grade dash camera and today are recognized by Industry authorities as being the partner of strength in the field of in-vehicle CCTV. Today SmartWitness are responsible for the protection of over 200,000 vehicles around the world covering in excess of 35 million miles every day.

SmartWitness understand the challenges faced by fleet operators and insurers – and that’s why today we work with more commercial insurers than any other in-vehicle camera provider.

SmartWitness Insurance Dash Camera Solution

Industry statistics state that 40% of claims are disputed, yet with SmartWitness that reduces to just 2%.

Contested claims create extra workload and potential liability for all. At a time when policyholders are trying to run their business any incidents add stress, frustration and concern for them and their drivers (and that’s before we think about the cost implication of excess payments, vehicles off the road, unhappy customers and the potential higher insurance premiums).

VIDEO: SmartWitness Integrated with Telematics Software for the Insurance Industry

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