SmartWitness Testimonials

Kerry Fire & Rescue Service have been using Smart Witness CCTV systems for a number of years now. The system can give invaluable evidence in the event of an accident but it also has other uses in the area of driver training etc. There is also a greater awareness from drivers as to their driving behavior which can only be of benefit to all concerned.
Operations Director, Kerry Fire & Rescue Services
SmartWitness, when utilized alongside our other disciplines, is a massive leap forward and one which has had and will have an enormous impact on our accident costs.
Simon Thompson, GroContinental
Great camera, a real life saver recently when a lorry driver put me into the curb and claimed it was my fault. They have accepted full responsibility due to the video evidence being so conclusive. Paid for itself ten times over in my opinion
Bob Duncan, Private Driver
Driving standards are essential to any fleet and our investment in SmartWitness cameras is part of our commitment to promote better driving behaviors among our technicians. It will also help to safeguard them in the event of an accident that is not their fault and identify if any retraining is needed. We’ve already received very positive feedback from our drivers as they feel the cameras offer reassurance, eliminating the potential for them to be falsely accused of causing a crash and driving recklessly.
Chris Thornton, Auto Windscreens
SmartWitness has actually been a godsend. After introducing SmartWitness we had a year of wonderful driving in 2012. I think it’s improved our drivers’ driving to be honest with you.
Steve Sanderson, Sanderson Transport
The SmartWitness camera excelled, in our tests it had greater GPS accuracy, additional settings that eradicated false recordings and was the only unit that had E-mark approval...this unit is designed for accurate trouble free accident recording and journey logging and it shows, it’s the one we would buy given the choice.
Andy Meyer, MSEC Reviews
In May of 2012 my vehicle was struck by the outer edge of a rain-wrapped EF-5 tornado. The windows were blown out and the vehicle filled with mud and water. The entire event was recorded on my SmartWitness SVC400. Although the tornado took one of the cameras the footage survived and remarkably the SVC400 lived to see another day. In May of 2013 the same SVC400, now mounted in a new vehicle, recorded my near-death experience in a flash flood. I had turned around to avoid a flooded road ahead only to discover that what I thought was a water-covered driveway was in fact a swollen creek. The vehicle plunged to the bottom of the creek. Luckily I was able to escape with only seconds to spare. The following day I recovered my SVC400 after being under water for more than 12 hours. I and was surprised that my recordings were all intact up until the time the vehicle lost power. Amazingly, after washing the mud and gravel out of the SVC400 and allowing it to dry out it continued to work!
The SVC400 is affordable, highly flexible, easy to install, and is quite durable. While I wouldn't recommend taking it into a tornado or driving it into a creek I am extremely pleased with its quality and survivability. The footage obtained from my encounters is being used to train others how to avoid the mistakes I made. A picture is worth a thousand words and hopefully my video will save the lives of others.
Chris Novy, Fox25 Oklahoma
We put the system in our vehicles in June last year, mainly because our insurer had asked for what we felt was a higher than reasonable increase in our premium... we agreed to put the cameras in and the insurer agreed to reduce the premium!
Chris Pickles, Devereux Transport & Distribution
The cameras have definitely improved the behavior of the chauffeurs because our at fault accident rate has reduced by almost half to about four or five accidents per month compared with the same five month period last year. I would estimate we will save about $95,000 a year based on fewer accidents and because we will be less likely to be targeted by 'cash for crash' fraud. We also expect our insurance premiums to reduce next year.
Janusz Kozlowski, Tristar Worldwide
This year I’m taking no chances with the car and for insurance purposes I have fitted a SmartWitness SVC1080 camera on the windscreen of the car. It’s an HD CCTV vehicle camera that records any incident and can be used as evidence of who is at fault if you are in a crash. Pretty important for me as I don’t want to have to pay for a new Caterham if someone totals this.
Spencer Matthews, Broker, Star of hit TV show 'Made in Chelsea'
Video footage is a key part of any telematics offering nowadays and we looked at lots of other solutions to incorporate with our BigChange system but SmartWitness was the clear winner, based on spec, features, innovation, value, reliability, quality, support, and price.
Martin Port, CEO, BigChange Apps
The camera evidence provided through the SmartWitness technology is a huge help for drivers who have a vehicle accident, whether it’s for an insurance purposes or defending false claim by another driver. Demand for camera integration in cars, van and lorries is increasing, and we’re glad to deliver further safety enhancements that are both preventative and retrospective by offering integrated SmartWitness cameras to Masternaut customers across the market.
Alex Rothwell, CTO, Masternaut
With an average bus accident cost of nearly $20,000, we chose to investigate On-Board Camera Systems to keep the streets, our drivers and most importantly the children safe. We wanted to see what was happening inside and outside as well as what the driver was doing. After testing more than 10 camera systems, most of them without any differentiators, we decided on the SmartWitness Platform with its Live Streaming Capabilities. Accidents are inevitable and not everyone is honest...cameras don’t lie. With 20,000 lbs of weight and up to 72 children onboard, we have a responsibility we take very seriously. SmartWitness allows us to retrieve data from the vehicle in real-time, ascertain fault immediately and take immediate action. Our clients really appreciate the instantaneous review.
Jamie Enger, Lakeview Bus Lines
SmartWitness cameras have made such a difference to us and pretty much ended those 50:50 debates you used to have following accidents. These days, we just view the footage and know exactly who is to blame. It makes the whole claims system so much simpler and cheaper.
Richard Brown, Fly by Nite
The KP1 has been nothing short of outstanding for our business. We finally have a reliable and affordable camera system, in our fleet of almost 100 vehicles, that we use regularly for quality control purposes. I am also very impressed with the variety of options available in these systems. From their sales team, to the finished product and customer support, every aspect of this company has been outstanding and a pleasure to work with.
Joseph Manganelli, Advantage Transit Group
We have saved the cost of the SmartWitness systems within six months, and now there’s no way I would consider sending out any of our vehicles without a SmartWitness camera installed.
Chris Hetherington, CRH Transport