Why SmartWitness?


Designed in the UK to the highest international standards and manufactured in South Korea, our products are suitable for use in both Private and Commercial Vehicles, in all major markets around the world.


To ensure the highest reliability rate in the industry, component suppliers are chosen very carefully and our manufacturing/QC standards are strict. As a result, we offer a 2 year warranty on all recording systems.

After property, vehicles are often the most expensive asset an individual or business will own or operate. Yet whilst properties have an extensive collection of safety equipment installed, such as fire alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV systems, vehicles have been largely ignored until recently. Our industry leading vehicle equipment has produced exceptional results for our clients and provides solutions that undeniably redefine the way vehicle risk is analyzed.

At SmartWitness we’ve been providing in-vehicle cameras to fleet operators and private individuals since 2007. SmartWitness were the pioneers in creating the first commercial grade dash camera and today are recognized by Industry authorities as being the partner of strength in the field of in-vehicle CCTV and digital recording. Today SmartWitness are responsible for the protection of over 200,000 vehicles around the world covering in excess of 35 million miles every day.

With nearly $2M spent in R&D to date, SmartWitness have prioritized innovation and the quality of our product line. We believe technology is at the foundation of driver safety and the key to reducing risk and making the roads a safer place for all. SmartWitness understands the challenges faced by fleet operators and insurers –and this has helped us develop products that work with more commercial insurers and telematics solutions than any other competing products.


We don’t just rely on design & software to produce accurate results, we source technology from industry leaders such as Bosch, Sony, U-BLOX, Telit, Taoglas, Samsung, and Sierra Wireless.


Our systems are designed to be automated and tamper-resistant. Our vehicle integration technology & securely locked hardware allow the data recorded from our systems to maintain their integrity and reduce the risk of theft or manipulation.


benefits all parties involved in road incidents