SVC1080-LC : HD GPS Dash Camera for Commercial Fleets

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What's in the Box?
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The SVC1080-LC features a full HD (1080P), 170° lens to provide a comprehensive view of any incident. The SVC1080 will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. It does this by recording the following information: Drivers view of the road, Vehicle Location, Impact Force of Accident, Audio, & Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking, & steering) .

This evidence can protect a driver from many of the issues faced on the roads today: Insurance fraud, Staged Accidents, False/Exaggerated Whiplash Claims, Conflicting Reports of Actual Events, Driving Offense Allegations (speeding, traffic signal violations, swerving, etc).



  • HD 170° Wide Angle Lens
  • Dual Record mode (Continuous + Event)
  • Optional Audio Recording
  • Connects directly to vehicle ignition power, automated operation.
  • Tamper-Resistant Design, Key required to access SD card Data
  • GPS records full time to provide location data, vehicle speed, and accurate time/date
  • Adjustable Resolution & Frame Rate
  • Built-in G-Shock Sensor (adjustable sensitivity)
  • Playback & Analysis

  • Mac & PC Software Included
  • Filter Data Search by Time/Date, Event, Vehicle Speed, G-Force level
  • AVI Conversion Tool. Data Remains Watermarked
  • Cloud Upload feature. Easily share large HD videos that are too large to attach to email
  • Google Maps Integration for Route Tracking
  • Google Earth Export Tool
  • Save/Print Event Reports
  • Free Software & Firmware Updates
  • What's in the box?
  • SVC1080-LC Commercial Dash Camera
  • Adjustable Winshield Bracket Mount with 3M adhesive pad
  • USB SD Card Reader
  • Power Cable Harness
  • Adhesive Cable Clips for clean installation
  • User Manual
  • Key Set for Locking SD Card Cover
  • SD Card (32GB or 64GB)
  • Optional Accessories
  • Remote Panic Button for driver to initiate emergency event recording.
  • Cigar Jack Power adaptor for simple installations
  • Battery Drain Protection Power Cable (connects to battery (BAT+) instead of ignition (IGN+), will automatically disconnect power when voltage drops to 11.8v; prevents draining vehicle battery and allows power after ignition is turned off)
  • DC to DC Power Converter (Input voltage: 14v-48v. Power output: 12v +/- 0.5v)
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