Easily Integrate SmartWitness into Telematics/Fleet Management Software with Smart API 2.0, now fully REST

Why Integrate?

Smart API from SmartWitness allows telematics service providers, insurance companies, and other software providers to easily and seamlessly integrate SmartWitness video and data. Our RESTful/JSON API allows service providers to quickly & easily add a video solution to any telematics or fleet management software. SmartWitness can even be used as a stand-alone GPS tracker + Video solution without requiring any additional telematics hardware. Integrated GPS and 3-axis G-Sensor enable real-time location tracking and drive behavior reporting all in a simple windshield-mounted device.

3G Dash Camera with Live GPS Tracking

SmartWitness utilizes local storage on the device and a unique data flow to keep cellular data usage low whilst not restricting access to crucial evidence. SmartWitness is carrier agnostic and currently can connect to nearly every cellular provider in the world. SmartWitness also offers an advanced vehicle I/O interface to provide additional driving data and event metrics such as door opening, braking, reverse, vehicle horn, door locks, seatbelt, turn signals, & more. The Smart API workstation allows for device management, provisioning, OTA firmware & setting updates, and troubleshooting.

SmartWitness Smart API Video Telematics Integration Chart


  • Live images and HD video delivered directly to your platform
  • Postman package and sample API client makes integration fast & easy
  • Utilize SmartWitness GPS and accelerometer data (stand-alone) or continue to use your tracker hardware
  • Over-the-Air provisioning, configuration, and firmware updates with included workstation software
  • Data, hosting, and device setup all included in one simple price, a true turn-key solution
  • Create industry leading USPs
  • Enhance your user experience and increase client ROI (and the speed at which it's returned)
  • Increase ARPU/ACV spend with your new and existing clients
  • Improve customer retention
  • SmartWitness does not develop web applications for end users, we are not a competitor to our telematics partners

Some of our Telematics Partners

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