SmartWitness Incident Video Samples

SmartWitness Systems have provided vital evidence for thousands of Drivers, Businesses, & Commercial Fleets around the world.

The video below contains 6 crash videos with information relating to each case and how it saved the driver and owners from expensive claim costs and/or liabilities.

Fox News' Storm Chasing team in Oklahoma installed the SVC400GPS and recorded the below footage of a near fatal accident when one of their storm chasers accidentally turns his vehicle into a flash flood. The vehicle submerged over 10' into a flooded canal and the driver barely escaped. The SD card was recovered from the SVC400GPS 2 days later with the data intact.

Below is the AVI converted video of the front camera. This AVI conversion tool is built-in to all SmartWitness software. It allows easy transfer to standard media formats and also watermarks important data on the video image.

Even in minor collisions, SmartWitness provides clear and crucial evidence to protect innocent drivers of false claims. In the below video, a SmartWitness employee is hit by a young driver who doesn't check his blindspot and merges right into the front passenger side of the vehicle. The video was provided to the offending driver's insurance companies and the damages were 100% covered as well as all rental car expenses. The SmartWitness employee never had to contact his own insurance company. Over $1,000 worth of damages were repaired and the claim was closed within one week of the incident.

A London-based trucking company used the below footage to prove their driver was not at fault during this scary incident on the congested M6 motorway. The offending party recklessly merged and nearly caused a multi-vehicle disaster.

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