SmartMail delivers video evidence in seconds!

Video evidence to support a claim
Mitigate risk, improve risk management
Insurance premium protection
SmartAnalysis telemetry software

Why SmartMail?

SmartMail was developed with the smaller fleet operator in mind. It delivers driver safety and protection information to you within seconds of an incident taking place. That may be a road collision, an unsafe braking/speeding event or where someone just feels unsafe and wants to know you’re looking out for them. Using the latest 3G/4G SmartWitness technology a panic button press or G-Force trigger will automatically send an email notification to up to 5 email recipients. The emails will contain GPS position and a 10 second video file of what is going on

around the vehicle. If you see something you don’t like and want a greater level of information, no problem, just request it from the camera and it’ll be right with you. Receiving that information in seconds takes your ability to manage any potential claim to the next level. Industry statistics show that the faster any claim can be picked up and managed by your insurer (whether your fault or not) the cheaper the claim is to resolve. The lower the claim cost the less impact it has on your insurance renewal/loss ratio.

SmartWitness Smart Mail IoT Camera Solution


  • Video evidence to support you and your driver
  • Onboard G-force and GPS to assist with driver behaviour and training
  • Alert triggers to safeguard your remote workforce
  • SmartAnalysis software to review driver data
  • Insurance premium protection/reduction
  • Address Health and Safety and Duty of Care issues
  • Reduce vehicle wear & tear and fuel costs
  • 3G/4G connectivity delivers instant incident footage

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